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Approach and Expectations

“The unexamined life is not worth living."


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

This treatment modality revolves around examining the different levels of consciousness through a thematic approach. A large portion of our sessions will be dedicated towards understanding the subconscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts, which are crucial in developing more awareness of the self and building a meaningful relationship with yourself. Hopefully, with more time, we will better understand the complexities at which your mind interacts and engages with the world, coupled with understanding underlying motivations for why you navigate the world in the way that you do. Each session is completely client-led, specifically designed to mirror agency and feeling self-determined.

Telehealth Practice-Friendly

Our sessions can be conducted virtually. This essentially means that you can call from any environment that you feel comfortable and safe in. If there are any inquiries about this process, please feel free to reach out and contact me.



Depressive symptoms can manifest differently dependent on the individual; however, if you find yourself experiencing difficulties with lethargy, low energy, negative recurring thoughts, it may be useful seeking therapeutic services in mitigating these symptoms.


Interpersonal relationships is a common concern that many of my patients come to me with. Understanding the complexities of understanding one another can be a reflection of understanding yourself. Learn more about the roles that you play in your relationships, while also learning to establish boundaries and expectations with others.


I believe that it's important to differentiate anxiety from worry-- a big difference in knowing which one you might have is dependent on the proportionality of your reaction to different circumstances. If you find yourself irrationally rationalizing, it might be an indicator that it's anxiety.


Re-establishing a connection to the person that we value is going to be a focus for my patients who struggle with self-esteem and self-image concerns. Building a confident version of ourselves rooted in values that are important to us will create a self-sustaining, perpetuating image of ourselves and can sustain for a lifetime.


Do you ever scroll through social media unintentionally... and for hours? If this is something you frequent and would like change, we can take a look at your behavioral patterns regarding our relationship with the internet in hopes of reclaiming control of your life.


Acclimation and adaptation are specialized functions that humans have perfected for a very long time. While this is true, it does not ameliorate the difficulties that come with adapting. Let's talk about the challenges you've faced through life transitions to help you process and grieve.

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